About Us

“Are you talking about horses again?”

Isn’t that the line of every non-horsey spouse? Well, they are going to hate this show! That’s because we do nothing but sit around and talk about horses with people who love them. Yup, it’s a gab fest with a whole lot of fun and a little bit of sass!

The Deets:

The Stable Scoop Radio Show
One Mighty Entertaining Horse Podcast

Hosts: Helena B. and Glenn the Geek (see host bios)
Published: Weekly on Fridays
Length: Who knows, but we try to keep it to an hour.
Discipline: Non-discipline or breed specific.

One mighty entertaining weekly online radio show (podcast) that delivers all the horse news, interviews and talk you could want. We will give you the scoop on all things horse with a different equine related topic each week and we make it fun too!  So take a listen here on the site or subscribe through our i-Tunes or Zune link. Sit back, relax and enjoy the show…unless you are riding, of course.

Give this show a listen and you will feel like you are sittin’ around the stable laughing with friends.

The Stable Scoop Radio Show is produced by the Horse Radio Network, the Voice of the Horse World. Learn more at www.horseradionetwork.com.