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As blogging has become so popular and so easy to do, there are many in the horse world that have created some really cool blogs.  Here is a list of the ones we have been able to find.  If you have a blog and would like to submit it to us, please use the contact page. 

Please note that only blogs that are being regularly updated will be listed, have fun exploring!

  • 20 Meter Circle of Life – The endless pursuit of excellence in dressage and promoting the arabian breed in rated shows!!!
  • A Bay Horse – A dressage training log and diary for my dark-bay gelding, Armani, and now featuring my mother’s sooty chestnut gelding, Huey.
  • A Gelding, A Mare and Me – I have two delightful horses that I am very keen to get back into riding on, however life is not co-operating so much at the moment.
  • A Girl and Her Horse – Persuing my dreams… One event at a time.
  • An Unfinished Project – We have been together forever (37 years). Through all our years and all our ups and downs we always make it thru whatever comes our way. The love of our kids makes life grand. And even though at times we are overwhelmed, we are together for the long haul and we are…
    …An Unfinished Project.
  • Backyard Horse Weblog – Budget and creative backyard horse ownership.
  • Barokko’s Diary – There’s no such thing as a bombproof horse. If a bomb went off, 99.9% of all horses would take off like a rocket – the remaining 0.1% would already be dead.
  • Behind the Bit – A blog about sport horses, dressage, and riding…
  • Box of Stars – Box of Stars: Young Riders Series, Book One: A Novel Approach to a Horse Blog
  • Browneyed Cowgirls – We are two South Dakota cowgirls, a mom and daughter team that can’t be beat. We live in a small town and help as much as we can with the family ranches.
  • Campin’ horseluvr – I am a single gal who is thankful for her many wonderful friends. My true soulmate is my horse, Griffin. He was retired from harness racing in 1997 after winning $67,000 and now lives the “good” life with me.
  • Cliffy’s Mom’s Blog – What started out as bloglike ramblings became a book, so never underestimate the power of the written word!
  • desert horsesThis blog is for family and friends who want to keep updated on the progress of our 5 desert horses. Please enjoy the photos as we enjoy our horses!
  • Diary of a Young Horse – Daily adventures while training my young horse.
  • Dressage in Jeans – A blog that describes the clash of Classical Dressage, Western pleasure, and most importantly, collection–and the horses caught within it.
  • Dressage Mom – I’m a wife and mother with a full-time job who also has an Arabian dressage horse. This is how I fit it all in. Or try to.
  • Dressage PrincessChronicling my re-entry into the world of horses, horse people, and dressage.
  • Equestrianism – Equestrianism is a blog devoted to modern horse sports across the globe. The blog will focus on current issues, competitions, perspectives, and history of the sport.
  • Fran Jurga’s Hoof Blog – “Hoofcare & Lameness” is a compendium-style journal chronicling progress in the art and science of preventing, recognizing and treating lameness problems in the horse.
  • From Hell To Heaven: Saving Argus – Argus is a 16-year-old Thoroughbred who spent nearly all of his life continuously locked in a 12 by 16 pen, with very little human contact.
  • Freelance Instructor ‘s Diary – A London gal who is prolific in her writing.
  • Fugly Horse of the Day – Snarky commentary on the breeding of poor quality horses, silly training techniques, dangerous/bad behavior around horses, and anything else that annoys me!
  • Glenshee Equestrian Center – We are the first e-questrian center, designed to offer trainers, instructors, riders, horse owners and stable managers helpful information on horse care, riding and training within an interactive forum.
  • Grey Horse MattersThe blog for the aging equestrian…
  • Half Pass Girl – Musings on dressage as a way of life and an obsession, starring Willow, my 2001 Dutch/TB mare, and random stories about my life in Oregon’s Willamette Valley.
  • Hopelessly Horseless – By Nicole, I’m a 24 year old New Jersey Native with a passion for horses and tea. My “Hopelessly Horseless” blog is my newest project. I hope that it can one day evolve into a major support network for horseless equestrians such as myself. My “Tea for Me Please” blog is also a newer project. I drink a lot of tea and I write a lot of tea reviews so I figured I should post them somewhere :).
  • Icelandic Horse Connection BlogIcelandic Horses and horse training. Advocating for the Icelandic Horse (Pony).
  • Improving Communication Between Horse and RiderDeanna Castro’s Professional Horse Blog. Training, teaching and tips for you and your horse.
  • I Will Jump Sweet Jumps – A blog about myself, the horses I am training as showjumpers, my opinions on things equestrian, and showjumping in NZ.
  • Jane Savoie’s Blog – Jane Savoie’s personal blog.
  • Karen Brenner’s Blog – Karen Brenner is passionate about horses and art! She enjoys traveling to horse farms and equine events to photograph horses for reference material for her horse paintings.
  • Merriewold Morgans – Read about our Breeding, Training, Horses, Ranch and Sport Morgan Horse Shows!
  • MidwestHorse Blog – About horses and horse ownership by two women who own horses and live in the midwest of the United States.
  • Mikael’s Mania – Arabian horses have been therapy for me without them I would not be here.
  • Mustang Diaries – I am the Desperate Horsewife, married to a City Boy and raising two children. I raise dairy sheep and play with wild horses on our little farm On the Shores of Carpenter Creek.
  • Nuzzling Muzzles – Nuzzling Muzzles is a place where I share my experiences with horses, question my sanity for owning such large, powerful beasts.
  • Of Horses and Art – Mom, Wife, Artist, Equestrian, Midwesterner.
  • Oh HorseFeathers & Related Twisted “Tails”Oh HorseFeathers- a joyful spot for “Tails” of the equines I have met over the years, and events and knowledge gained from them.
  • petArtistWithPeaches – Horsekeeping and training, pets and art by Connie Moses.
  • Pro Photo by Lori – I live in central Indiana. My husband and I raise Paint Horses.
  • Red Pony Farm – A Journey in Motion – Tracking the creation of a farm on a big rock in Hollis Maine: Home Raised food, Dan’s Pages, Trail Riding, CTR, Endurance, Maine Trails, Horse care, Thinking Horsemanship, Raw-Feeding Dogs.
  • Regarding HorsesRegarding Horses is dedicated to researching and analyzing the most current horse industry news, events, and issues and sharing experiences and knowledge.
  • Sally Harrison’s Horse Blog – If you into beautiful equestrian art… check this out.
  • smellshorsey – Real life with horses.
  • – Musings about horses, things related to horses and other things that are interesting…to me.
  • Susan’s Para E-Quest – Follow Susan and MoneyPenny in their Quest to Compete in the 2010 World Equestrian Games.
  • Spring Creek Basin – Tracking the wild horses of spring creek basin.
  • Stable Days – Araya’s love of horses and the equestrian world has brought acting, modeling and writing into her young life. She is also an animal activist and has created her own line of t-shirts where a portion of the proceeds goes to horse rescue.
  • The Dog and Pony Show – Hmm, well, my name is Beth and I am dog behaviorist that dabbles in rehabbing OTTB’s.
  • The Eventing Percheron – Brego is a 7 year-old Percheron gelding of unknown breeding.As he has grown up the last couple of years, he has shown me that he has some pretty amazing talent and athleticism I had not understood in a “heavy draft” breed before. And… he’s darn good looking!
  • Transitions – Living my dream of riding on a small “farmette” in the country.  AnnL
  • WildpferdRare horses in life and art.
  • Wood End Farms – Racehorse retirement, rehab and training.

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