434 by Horseloverz.com – Lindsey Hellmuth, SOPs and WAVE

Stable Scoop Radio Show by Horse Radio Network 434 - Lindsey Hellmuth, SOPs and WAVE 12-5-2016
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Horseloverz.com presents Auditor Lindsey Hellmuth as our “Listener of the Week”, Nick Snapp speaks about the importance of “Standard Operating Procedures” and Auditor Linda Gettig reviews the WAVE Manure fork.  Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 434 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosts:  Glenn The Geek & Helena Bee
  • Pic:  Auditor Lindsey Hellmuth
  • Monthly Productivity Tip: Nick Snapp of the Make it Snappy Show
  • Listener of the Week: Auditor Lindsey Hellmuth
  • Horseloverz.com Tack and Habit Segment: Linda Gettig  Product: WAVE FORK




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