Stable Scoop Episode 328 – Pressure Proof the Holidays


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We catch up with Wiola from Aspire Equestrian in England on her training in Portugal and her new blog.  Plus, Auditor Celeste Coulter reviews Daniel Stewart’s book “Pressure Proof Your Riding” and the Riding Warehouse Tack and Habit segment shows you the sign.  Listen in… 

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  • Audrey Cahais said:

    Hello Helena & Glenn

    I tuned in today to listen to your show as Wiola was on your show today. It was my first time listening to your show.

    We were thrilled to hear you talk about Red Scarf Equestrian and our bags. Yes they are beautiful and expensive. They are a luxury product and each piece is really a work of art. They are not mass-produced in a Chinese factory. They are also created with top quality material. The people that buy them only buy them once as they keep them for life. Often they are a special gift (similar to how people buy jewellery for a 50th birthday … but not all riders wear jewellery).

    We also put the same effort into our mid-range products (ProRider line) with they high-quality craftsmanship and leather trim but they are a cheaper price-point because they are not entirely made of leather.

    We also have a lower-price line (Wildside) which is fun and practical but not the same quality or price-point.

    We love to hear from you.

    Best regards
    Audrey Cahais
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