Stable Scoop Episode 273 – Jump on the Cuteness Train


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Damon Weinandt of Reinbows, Inc. joins us to explain how they came up with the best horse costume ever!  Plus we find out why they use Fjords for their therapy program.  Plus, 15 things to make you happy today and the best horse health app on the market today.   Listen in…

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  • Sharon Little said:

    Chris Cassenti of Chrislar Stables in Massachusetts is well known for producing successful students and awesome horses as well as being a Judge and overall supporter of the Horse industry. Morgans are her love but she devotes time to other breeds as well. On the way to the Morgan Grand Nationals, Chris and Larry picked up a stow away – Miss Kitty. This very remarkable cat has completely adopted Chris & Larry AND has gone “viral” on Facebook. All of Chris’s many many friends love hearing about Miss Kitty. I think Miss Kitty should be interviewed on Stable Scoop Radio!! Sharon Little 302-270-1995


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