Stable Scoop Episode 247 – Lyme in People, The Truth


For the first time Glenn tells the story of his Chronic Lyme Disease and how it affects people.  Plus, Dressage rider Martie Jacobson on her battle with Chronic Lyme  and Carolyn Degnan of on the politics of this misunderstood tick born illness.  Listen in...

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  • mary seyour said:

    I thought your Lyme program was fantastic. Im a retired RN have a history of Cancer and heart problems. Im now 69 years old and put symptoms of what you gave of your symptoms off to my age. . I have had so many times had ticks on me over the years. .I intend to bring this up to my Dr. Thank You

  • Shannon Fogden said:

    This was such an amazing program for me. I am 18 years old and I have battled with the symptoms you describe since I was fourteen. I’ve been through all the scans, ICU, tumor scares, the works. I was finally diagnosed with Coxsackie Virus, Lyme Disease and Pneumonia and through a range of natural therapies and diet I’m slowly coming right. I’ve just had a week where I couldn’t walk and find it difficult not to get frustrated with myself and the fact that my brain doesn’t work as well as usual. I never had a tick bite that I know of or the rash but I’ve had horses all my life and so ticks are a part of it. It’s frustrating and difficult that it interrupts my horse riding, school work and just the rest of life but you have to really make the best of the good days. I’ve had so many of the symptons and it can be really scary. I’d never heard of chronic lyme so it was interesting to hear that, as I’ve always put my recurring symptoms down to the coxsackie virus. One of the most important things I have learned is that you have to listen to your body, I push myself and tend to disregard what my body’s telling me, being sick really taught me that I have to listen to very little signal and learn when I cant push past the pain or exhaustion and have to rest. Thank you so much for doing this program it was so great to hear someone else has gone through it and had the same symptoms. Thank you so much!

  • Shannon Fogden said:

    The other thing is that its not neccesarily caught from a tick bite. When you crush ticks and they release bodily fluids you can contract it through say a cut or a hang nail on your finger, the tick doesn’t actually have to bite you.

  • Jana Peterson said:

    As I kept listening to your story I kept thinking how much you guys might like mine. 😉 Growing up in the Czech republic we had ticks all the time but it wasn’t until after having my daughter at the age of 34 that I started getting some severe symptoms. My Lyme was a bit more on the neurological side as the European bacteria strain usually is but I had all sorts of symptoms from joint pain, insomnia, migraines, fatigue, infertility, numbness in the extremities, brain fog, confusion, dizziness, depression, anxiety and so on. It turns out my daughter had contracted the disease from me ‘in utero’ as well. It took over three years to find my fabulous doctor (both M.D. and N.D. and fortunately very knowledgeable about Lyme) that was able to diagnose me based on symptoms only….and when we followed up with the test from Igenex in Palo Alto, it turned out that my Lyme was so acute that I had to be reported to the health department in the state of Washington where I currently live. It has been over two years since the beginning of my treatments and I feel a lot better today…so well that I am able to pursue the career I love…the horse and portrait photography. At the end it cost me my marriage (which was a good thing 😉 and now I am treating my dressage mare (imported from the Czech republic) for Lyme disease as well. I am using some Chinese herbs from a fabulous Angel Earth Herbs and a rife machine, which I have been also using to treat my Lyme. My doctor never put me on antibiotics, which was also a good thing as you guys are already aware. This disease taught me so much and in a way it was a blessing as it brought me close to God and I have learned many very important life lessons. I would be more than happy to share my whole story with you at any point. Thank you and keep up the great work of educating people about this disease.

  • ralphi said:

    Thanks for sharing your stories about lyme disease! I’ve been battling lyme, bartonella, and babesia since Sept 2011 and making great progress with antibiotics! Like Glenn, I never tested positive or had a rash, but had most of the symptoms and basically diagnosed myself!

    If you’re looking for a good message board to ask questions about the disease, find doctors, and see what’s going on in the political arena, check out (no affiliation; I’ve just found it helpful!).

    Thanks again for this episode!


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