Stable Scoop Episode 238 – The 5th Annual Horse Husbands Episode


Warning: The Horse Husbands Episode is back! This episode consists of four horse husbands sitting around talking about their horse addicted wives. If you are a horse woman, be warned. If you are a horse husband, grab an adult beverage, sit back and relate. Listen in…. 

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  • John A. Spalding said:

    Hey Glenn,
    I listened to the 5th annual Horse Husbands episode while swinging from the rafters of our arena bird proofing it for my wife; laughing and trying not to think about all that open air under me. I think this was the best balance and thus episode yet, good luck to the newbies! For me it has been a 16 year self discovery where thru heart breaking times and wonderful moments I have figured out my potential both as a man and real husband for my amazing equestrian wife.
    I ask you to consider having a show where you field “stories out of school”. I am talking about those crazy stories that happen at every farm that any horse women or her husband has in abundance; you know we all have them and are only a couple of beers and a keyboard away from telling them.
    Love the shows.
    John A. Spalding


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