Stable Scoop Episode 180 – The Other Side of Carriage Horses in New York

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This week we take a look at the other side of the carriage industry in New York City with the Horse and Carriage Association of New York City.  How are the horses cared for and how regulated and safe is the industry?  Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 180 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Host: Helena Bee and Glenn the Geek (see host bios)
  • Photo Credit:  Carriage Horse in New York City by Blue Star Equiculture 
  • Guest: Steve Malone, President of the Horse and Carriage Association of New York City
  • Guest: Christina Hansen, Communications Liaison for the Horse and Carriage Association of New York City and co-founder of Blue Star Equiculture, the official retirement home of the HCANYC.
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  • Mrs. H.B. Willis said:

    Thank you so much for allowing the pro-carriage horse side to be heard. There is NOTHING cruel or abusive about driving a carriage horse, whether it is a personal pleasure driving horse, a competitive driving horse or a commercial driving horse. I am so tired of anti-carriage horse factions and anmal rights extremists like that Carley, who WORKS of an anti-carriage horse organization, claiming that carriage horse driving is cruel or is horse abuse.

    I own a small livery and have a horse and carriage available for hire- mainly for special events like weddings, proms and parades. I also do carriage tours of my historic Southern town by appointment, and once a month at the Community Market Day, I do rides around our courthouse square. I have NEVER abused a horse, neglected one or treated one cruelly. I am tired of the NYC carriage horse owners and drivers, and by extension ALL carriage hrose owners and drivers being castigated and accused unfairly and unjustly of cruelty and abuse.

    I think this show went a long way toward allowing our voice to be heard through representatives of those who live and drive carriages in NYC. Again, thank you for giving carriage horse owners and drivers equal time. Ours is an honorable trade, and one that follows time-honored traditions. Even in my small rural town, I am always gratified by the look of wonder I see on the faces of people as I drive by with my majestic black Percheron harnessed to my white vis-a-vis style carriage. Horse-drawn carriages are a living link to this country’s and the world’s centuries’ long partnership with the horse. The taming of the horse is often credited as being one of the major milestones in humanity’s path to civilization, urban as well as rural. Horses have lived and worked beside people for as long as people have been city dwellers. To claim now, that cities are too stressful for horses is just innacurate.


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