Stable Scoop Episode 166 – Farriers Among Feathers

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This week, Helena and Glenn talk with a young woman who boasts a lot of bling. Horse bling, that is.  Gypsy Horses are reknowned for their impeccable coats, fancy feathers, and endearing personalities. Courtney Casey of Feathered Gold Stables joins us to share her recent successes with her 3 year old stallion Diesel. Also featured in today’s episode, a handy new service that connects horse owners with farriers all across the country at So put down that hoof pick and have a listen. We’re glad to have you with us today!

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  • Lee McFetridge said:

    To hear the Angels sing is the utmost that a stable can ask for.
    If I were a little more stable, I would find a way to walk among them to love each foal that is born to this wonderful fine stable and owners.
    All the little ones have a special look in their eyes that denotes a wonderful Drum horse.
    There are no others like these.
    How fortunate we all are who have the priviledge of seeing the new born Drum horses who are truly loved by these fine folks.
    Thank you.


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