Stable Scoop Episode 155 – A Smile for Bobbi Jean’s Boots

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We are joined by Bobbi Jeen Olsen, she is a rancher, cowgirl, model, actress, stuntwomen and TV host.  Plus, the tech pick of the week, pony club sage advise and our Tack and Habit product for extra protection.  Listen in.

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  • Steve Glick said:

    Hi Guys,
    I loved the interview with Bobbi Jeen. She is the best!
    BTW, I’m from RI, and you’re right.When I left there 10 years ago to move to Arizona, country was OVER.
    We were living the country lifestyle and people looked at us as freaks. Don’t know if you were there back then, but I was a member of The Country Cookin’ Band.Glad to be in the West now and would never go back to NE.
    Great show, you two.
    Thanks for having Bobbi Jeen as a guest.
    Perhaps we can do some cross promotion to both our benefits.
    Steve Glick
    Executive Producer
    Arizona Country TV


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