Stable Scoop Episode 124 by Omega Alpha – Zebras, Zorses and Zonkeys

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We speak to one of the leading trainers of Zebras, Zorses and Zonkeys on this week’s show. Yes, you heard that right, her name is Sammi Jo Sheedy and you have to hear this! Plus, listen to Helena’s daughter recite to cutest poem ever!!!

Stable Scoop Episode 124 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Host: Helena Bee and Glenn the Geek
  • Guest: Sammi Jo Sheedy is one of the premier Zebra trainers in the United States. Learn all about these striped wonders. –

Baby Cosmo, the 3 week old Grevy zebra foal meets some new friends.

Sammi Jo rides her Zonkey Daisy Mae through the “Noodle Monster”.

Sammi Jo drives Charlie through “Grandma’s Curtains”

This 5 year old zorse (half zebra, half horse) mare took her turn in the round pen with ground work and ground driving, then progressed to the obstacles.

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