Stable Scoop Episode 111 by Omega Alpha – Dressage Rider and the Jockey

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Guest Co-Host Chrissy Joy brings back two of our favorite guests, Dressage Rider Reese Koffler-Stanfield and Jockey Frankie Lavato.  Learn whether Reese’s marriage survived the building of a new barn and Frankie fills us in on a new DVD he has called “What it takes to be a Jockey”.  Listen in.

Stable Scoop Episode 111 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Guest: The mighty Frankie Lavato of racing and Equicizer fame.  Always a fun chat – thanks Frankie.  Buy Frankie’s new DVD called “What it takes to be a Jockey”.
  • Pic Below: Glenn the Geek on the Equicizer.  He had handlers, no one trusted him to ride by himself.

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