Stable Scoop Episode 101 by Omega Alpha – Clicker Training Comes Back

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Join us as we speak with Shawna Karrasch about the resurgence of On-Target Training (clicker) your horse and we get an update on Kathleen’s Wild Ride.  Listen In…

Stable Scoop Episode 101 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosts: Helena and Glenn the Geek
  • Guest Hosts: Shawna Karrasch – On Target Training
  • Link: Winners of the Bluegrass Medallion Giveaway:
    Gold – Steven Birdsall from Westfield, PA
    Silver – Janine Wight from Boring, OR
    Bronze – Scott Ledermann from Germantown, WI
  • Guest: Kathleen Wild Ride – You Might Think This is Crazy, But… and follow her travels on Facebook.

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