Stable Scoop Episode 85 – The Super Ride


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Helena and Glenn get in formation to discuss one of the most unique National Championships in the horse world, The Super Ride. Listen in…

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  • Suzanne Lindley said:

    I’m so glad that you have given SuperRide VII some much deserved attention. Gary and Pam Bonner, Ghostrider leaders, are an incredible couple and have brought the Ghostriders Equestrian Drill Team to an elite level. Our family joined the Ghosstriders seven years ago in an attempt to bring our daughters closer together and to distract them from the pressures of growing up. I have cancer and our family life had been toppled upside down. Daily routines were disrupted quite suddenly and many adult responsibilities had shifted to my girls. We wanted to provide them with fun and structure, and let them be kids without undue stress. We wanted to create good memories for them and with them. We joined the Ghostriders and became part of an instant family.

    I will never forget our first SuperRide and the energy and excitement that came from our participation. Each year has been better than the last, from quadrilles to theme events. it’s an incredible venue that brings teams, families, riders and horses together year after year in friendly competition!

    I’ve witnessed miracles within this competition over the past seven years….six of them belong to me!

    Thank you to USEDA for producing such a wonderful event!

  • Tina Schaeffer said:

    Great interview on SuperRide. Suzanne Lindley is a friend of mine who has shared pictures and videos of SuperRide every year. It was great to hear about this wonderful event!


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