Stable Scoop Episode 73 – Angelea from HorsegirlTV

Angelea Kelly Walkup joins us to share her experiences training dressage in the Netherlands with Olympic Gold Medalist Anky Van Grunsven.  She also gives us a preview into HorsegirlTV for 2010, listen in…

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Stable Scoop Episode 73 – Angelea from HorsegirlTV:

  • Hosts: Glenn the Geek and Samantha Clark
  • Guest: Thanks to Angelea Kelly Walkup!
  • Guest Website:
  • Video: See HorsegirlTV’s video with Georgina Bloomberg Talks About School, Showing And Juggling A Busy Life.
  • Mentioned in Show: Georgina Bloomberg – The Rider’s Closet –  quality consignment equestrian clothing and used tack.

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