Stable Scoop Episode 70 – The Horse Boy with Rupert Isaacson

The Horse Boy

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What a joy to spend an hour with Rupert Isaacson, the father and author of The Horse Boy.  The Horse Boy is the story of Rupert’s autistic son Rowan and his discovery of the healing power of horses and their adventures to visit the healers of Mongolia.  A MUST listen this week before Christmas…..

Stable Scoop Episode 70 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Hosts: Helena B. and Glenn the Geek
  • Guest: Thank you so much to Rupert Isaacson for joining us.  What a great adventure and fantastic story!  Here is the trailer for the movie:

  • Link: Here is the website for the The Horse Boy movie and the locations it is playing.
  • Link: Please use the link below to buy The Horse Boy book:

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