Stable Scoop Episode 68 – Gifts Ideas – The Good, Bad and Ugly

Episode 68

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Hosts, Helena and Glenn, with the help of Glenn’s wife give you their selections for gifts for this year.   Some are serious, some not so much!  Listen in to the holiday frivolity…

Stable Scoop Episode 68 – Show Notes and Links:

Hosts: Helena B. and Glenn the Geek
Guest: Thank you to Glenn’s wife Jennifer for joining us today!
Links: Here are the items that Helena, Glenn and Jennifer picked out and discussed on the show.  Click the picks to buy the products:

Jennifer’s Picks:

Ladies Monkey Butt Powder

Lady Anti Monkey Butt Powder

Helmet Refresher

The No-Sweat Sport Hat & Helmet Refresher

Titan 9000 Skull Cap

Titan 9000 Skull Cap
On Sale:  $75.00

Continuous Flow Cold Water System

Continuous Flow Cold Water System

Rambo Air Pad
Rambo by Horseware Air Half Pad

Helena’s Picks:

Mattes All Purpose Pad
Mattes All Purpose Contour Saddle Pad with Bare Flaps

Ovation Child's Sunshine Pony Sock

Ovation Child’s Sunshine Pony Sock

Saddle Pocket
Leather Saddle Pocket

Oven Mitts

Snaffle Bit Cotton Oven Mitts

Fox Hunting Pin

Hunt Logo Pin

Glenn’s Picks:

Glenn recommended the new Muppet video “Bohemian Rhapsody” by Queen and here it is – enjoy:

One Horse Away from Being the Crazy Horse Lady

One Horse Away from Being the Crazy Horse Lady


Horse Lovers Bedding

Remember Rings

Remember Rings


SEAL SHIELD Wireless Washable Keyboard

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Equestrian Professional


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