Stable Scoop Episode 48 – The Cowgirls Meet the Geek


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Woooohoooo….Glenn the Geek rides into town this week with three of the loveliest cowgirls in the states.  This is one fun time as Glenn and the girls from Cowgirl Life Radio record a joint show.  Listen in as Glenn has met his match with with these Glamigas…

Stable Scoop Episode 48 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Thank you to the girls of Cowgirl Life Radio for joining Glenn while Helena was on vacation this week.  Helena will be back next week rested and ready to get back to the scoop.
  • Joining today from Cowgirl Life Radio were:
    • Danielle Hayes is the wife of a cutting horse trainer, mom to a rambunctious 20 month old son, barn dictator, and founder of Haute Cowgirl.  Haute Cowgirl is a fashion ezine centered around the western lifestyle. Danielle is best known for her dry sense of humor and excessive energy which she needs as one of the three partners that make up Western Glamour Media. WGM is made up of the sites, and


    • Kadi Prescott is the mom of seven, avid writer, blogger and glamour enthusiast.  Kadi Prescott has a unique love for the chaos that she is surrounded by. At 30 years of age, Kadi had already been active in blogging and freelance writing for 5 years and was ready for a new challenge, aside from raising her atypically crazy brood of kids. She met Danielle late 2008 and the two decided to use their great chemistry and shared humor to start an endeavor unique to the internet realm. Thus began the creation of Western Glamour Media!


    • Missy Unruh is married to her high school sweetheart, mother to two adorable children, and lives in the middle of nowhere Oklahoma. She is best known for her amazing jewelry and her online store Silver Steer Boutique. She is the newest member of the WGM family, or the Three Glamigas as they were nicknamed. But she has a long history with Haute Cowgirl and was the very first advertiser on the site. Through that a great friendship formed between her and Danielle and Kadi. Now she is an integral part to the running of Western Glamour Media.


  • You can also follow them on Twitter at @hautecowgirl.
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