Stable Scoop Episode 45 – The Fabulous Twitter Episode

Episode 45

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Ten Twitter followers in one episode!!  An unbelievable amount of horse talk in one hour.  Helena and Glenn had a fabulous time with this diverse bunch of horse lovers!  Might be the most fun episode yet.  Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 45 – Show Notes and Links:

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  • Susie Blackmon said:

    Thank you very much for including me on your ‘Fabulous Twitter’ show Wednesday! It was great talking with you, and hearing about the other 9 ‘horse Twitterers.’ I look forward to following you guys, and look forward to your kind attention as well. The best is yet to come.

  • Kay Aubrey-Chimene said:

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    For those who desire it we are offering a Free Equine Health consultation for filling out our Equine Cancer Survey and helping future horses facing similar challenges:

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