Stable Scoop Episode 42 – The Horse’s Mouth


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We dive into the horse’s mouth in this episode with maverick dentist Geoff Tucker, DVM and Dale Myler of Myler Bits fame.  What is going on in there anyway and could problems in your horse’s mouth affect your riding?  Listen in…

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  • Thanks to Dr. Geoff Tucker for joining us.  Check out his great website and podcasts at  Also, follow him on Twitter at
  • Thank you to Judy at Toklat for helping to set up Dale Myler to join us.   You can see all about Myler Bits at and you can find the bit questionnaire there as well.


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  • Vicki Dean said:

    Have you guys ever had a show regarding soring, found in the gaited horse show industry? I am extremely upset by this practice and I’m not sure what – besides passing along information and making folks aware of this current practice – would be the purpose of doing a show about that topic. But, there are people who would talk to you about it, I’m sure. Check for some folks who should be willing to speak with you.


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