Stable Scoop Episode 41 – Horse Care, Lameness & Massage


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It’s Author Week as we bring you three new equine books. From horse smarts to lameness to massage we cover it all this week! What a great time we had speaking to this fascinating group of authors who are so passionate about horses and their care. Don’t miss a minute and listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 41 – Show Notes and Links:

  • As we spoke about in the show, our friends at Hobby Horse Clothing Company had a robbery at their warehouse in Chino, California this week.   Please take a minute to read all the details and see how you can help.
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  • Our first guest was Essie Rogers of the Kentucky Horse Council.  You can get their new DVD HorseSmarts: Essential Advice for Today’s Horse Owner by visiting their website at


  • Our second guest was author Heidi Nyland of The Whole Picture, LLC.  She co-authored the book Understanding Lameness, Examining Equine Lameness from Diagnosis to Prognosis with Dr. Terry Swanson.  Get an autographed copy of this book by going to

Understanding Lameness

Horse Lover's Guide to Massage

  • Thank you to all our guests for joining us.  Remember, books and DVDs make great gifts!


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