Stable Scoop Episode 40 – Training with Julie Goodnight

Julie Goodnight

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We spend the entire hour with one of the top trainers in the world, Julie Goodnight.  Julie speaks about her life, training horses, “Classic Skills for a Natural Ride”, her award-winning RFD-TV television show and much more.  Don’t miss this chat with Julie.  Listen in…

Stable Scoop Episode 40 – Show Notes and Links:

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  • We spoke about the Ocean Rower Roz Savage.  You can follow her adventures at


  • Thank you very much to Julie Goodnight for joining us.  She is so fascinanating, we could have spent hours with her.  You can find Julie’s website at   She has a YouTube channel to see clips of her RFD-TV show “Horse Master with Julie Goodnight”.  And follow her on Twitter at juliegoodnight.


  • See the really cool new Point Two Inflatable Air Jacket that was worn by many riders at Badminton.  Read more about the Point Two Inflatable Air Jacket and the videos on their website.

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  • Heidi said:

    Hi, just listening about having trouble getting RFD–for the Boston lady, Verizon cable is supposed to have it now and is in that area. We like it on DirecTV best–it’s part of the lowest costing family package. Dish charges you $2 a month to watch. Weird.

  • samantha Clark said:

    Hi Glenn and Helena,
    I listened to this edition while walking Leo the labrador and loved it, you both work so well together, I aspire to build that easy rapport on air, and I loved listening to Julie, and am going to sign up to follow Roz. What a terrific show, props to you both. Helena, I was sorry to hear about your horse not passing the vet, but as you said, better to know now…. Anyway, just wanted to share the love, keep up the good work!