Stable Scoop Episode 28 – Desperate Horse Wives

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Typical “Horse Wives” that we are…there actually wasn’t a lot of chatter about our husbands in this episode. Can you guess what we did talk about?
Stable Scoop Episode 28 – Show Notes and Links:
  • Thanks to the women who participated in this Desperate Horse Wives episode. They are:
    • Helena B.  Host, horse wife and mom, fox hunter and webmaster to many horse related websites as part of The Barn Works.
    • Jennifer H. Horse wife to Glenn the Geek, graduate Pony Clubber and life long horse woman.
    • Sissi Finn Horse wife to a non-horsey husband and life long equestrian and fox hunter.
    • Deana Bergquist Horse wife and mother, hunter jumper and founder of the wildly popular Equestrian Life, the Facebook for horse people.
  • Join us next week as we talk Mustangs and the Extreme Mustang Makeover.


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