Stable Scoop Episode 9 – Natural Horsemanship with Dr. Miller and Friends

This episode is all about Natural Horsemanship and how it has changed in recent years.  No matter where you fall on the subject you will find this an interesting discussion.  We have many guests today including the pioneer of Natural Horsemanship, veterinarian Dr. Robert Miller.

Stable Scoop Radio Show Episode 9 – Show Notes and Links:

  • Special Co-Host is Colleen from the Natural Horse Network at  We thanks Colleen for guiding us through today.  Click Here to see all of the natural horse products she has available.
  • We thank Dr. Robert M. Miller for joining us to speak about his 50 years as a veterinarian, author, speaker and leader in the Natural Horsemanship movement.  You can find all of Dr. Miller’s books and videos at
  • Then to round out the show we were happy to have Lisa Ross-Williams.  Lisa is a natural horse care consultant, Associate Editor of the Natural Horse Magazine, and host of the “If Your Horse Could Talk” show which debuted in 2001, at
  • To contact the Stable Scoop Radio show, click here.


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