Stable Scoop Episode 4 – Anything is Possible No Matter the Challenges

Tons of horse news this week from 1.5 tons of pork at Burghley to the chance of no equestrian sports at the 2012 Olympics.  Also, we speak with Anastasia Burke about her fascinating story of going blind at 37 and how that was one of the best blessings in her life and the amazing things she has done since then.

Lots of horse news this week!

From 1.5 tons of pork at the Burghley****, to the potential loss of equestrian sports at the 2012 Olympics.

News of the Week:

Remarkable Interview with Anastasia Burke, horsewoman, author and instructor, about her horses and how losing her sight at age 37 turned out to be one of the great blessings in her life.

Hear the amazing things she has done since then, including training for endurance riding.  Don’t miss this interview!

An inspiring story that you don’t want to miss!  Anastasia Burke tells us what life has been like since she lost her sight at age 37.  Yup, that’s her riding in the picture!

Here are the links to some of Anastasia’s wonderful contributions to the horse world:

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