Stable Scoop Episode 3 – Bourbon, Fox Hunting and Equestrianism

Join us as we take you on a wild ride with fox hunting talk to one of the most beautiful spots in America at the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center.  And, your faith in the youth of today will be restored as we speak with our blogger of the week, she is one articulate teen.

  • Stable Spotlight:  Off to the Maker’s Mark Secretariat Center to speak with Director Susanna Thomas.
  • Voicemail from Sissy from Virginia – we love that kind of voicemail – call yours in at 270-803-0025.
  • Emails for the week:
    • Carol in New Hampshire writes:
      ” I am loving the podcast so far but I have to correct Glenn the Geek on something.  The Budweiser hitches each have 8 horses, not 6.  Looking forward to more hours of entertainment and more opportunities to correct.”
    • Hazelnut from Pennsylvania writes:
      We all know exactly why we ride.  It’s the same reason we exist.  That’s the psyco-babble explanation.  Here’s the real world version: Monday I was bored to tears at work so I went for a gallop.  Wednesday I felt awful because I had to discipline my kid, went for a very long walk indeed.  Thursday I had a lesson and I felt so empowered.  It goes on for a lifetime. The commonality is the “I”    OOhhh, is that deep or what?!!”
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