Stable Scoop Episode 2 – Poop Eating Worms and Other Olympic News

Equine Olympic coverage is the theme for this week’s show, with a few twists thrown in.  A couple of fun guests assist us in taking a look at the Olympic results and don’t forget those poop eating worms!

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  • “Blog of the Week” is  Jackie Baker was chosen because she has the best equine Olympics coverage.  We speak to her about her inspiration.
  • A conversation with our Canadian friend Sylvia Schneider about the Show Jumping Jump Off between the United States and Canada.  Sylvia speaks to us about Ian Miller’s first medal in his 9th Olympics and more about horses and competing in Canada.  Sylvia is host of the Equinely Inclined podcast, a horse related podcast out of the Great White North.
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  • Rhonda said:

    Hi there, love the show. Just did the conversion from 34 degrees celcius and it is 93 degrees F. So its not that cold up here all the time Glenn.


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