Stable Scoop Episode 1 – Who are We and Why are We Here?

Episode #1 Show Notes: Wooooohoooooooo….it’s the first episode of The Stable Scoop Radio Show. Your hosts Helena B. and Glenn the Geek are thrilled to be back on the air discussing horse stuff again! In this show we go over the “5 W’s”; who, what, when, where and why.

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  • All about the Stable Scoop Radio Show.
  • All about the hosts.
  • This show is like an entertaining variety show – offering you:
    • Horse News: Our spin on the equine news of the week.
    • Stable Spotlight: Every week we highlight a stable from around the country and chat with the owners.
    • Big Time Interviews: We will be interviewing the big names from time to time but mostly we will focus on the average horse person.
    • 2010 Games Update: Glenn the Geek lives in Lexington, KY and will keep you up to date on the latest with the 2010 World Equestrian Games.
    • Vet Checkup: Just checking in to see what’s new and upcoming in horse health.
    • Equine Blog Report: We let you know the latest in the horsey blogging world.
    • Chatting: Mostly just chatting with you about what is important to you.
    • And soooooo much more
  • Don’t miss the non-stop horse coverage of the Olympics at
  • See the Equine TV Schedule for the Olympics on Glenn the Geek’s Blog Post.


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